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Welcome to my website

You have reached the personal website of me, Kamil Lach.

Why "Kamil's Corner" ?

Here I would like to tell you guys the story that stands behind the site's name.
It was invented during my time at Dinnerbooking, where I was deeply involved in developing a booking system for restaurants. The credit for it goes to one of my former coworkers, the Mozillian-extraordinaire Henrik Gemal. He used to call the area where the desk with my computer was placed a "Kamil's Corner". Also the imaginary test restaurant that was used for development at Dinnerbooking had such a name. At last but not at least, my yet another coworker Søren Anthonsen has a place called "Sørens Corner".

All the above mentioned facts inspired me to call my website a "Kamil's Corner".


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